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4/10/2003: How Bunny Gets Money
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Posted at 10:25:42 PM on Apr 9, 2003 by kip
So, it's not that I'm not grateful for having a job. I am. Incredibly. However, I am missing my wastrel life a bit as I stumble to the shower at 8 in the morning (yeehaw no commute, yeah, I really should stop whining).
I was talking with one of my coworkers today about improv and he asked about how far you could take it and I gave him the standard "get to Second City and from ther you could get to SNL" response. He asked, "Would you do that?" I pointed at the computer and said, "I can always come back to this."
Not that I really think I'm SNL material. It just would be nice to get paid to do any of my hobbies fulltime, as I said last time.
So, how is work? Ask me in a week. I'm in training currently. It's like being back in school again, except school doesn't take 8 hours a day. We do get fed, so for real this time, I'm really going to stop whining.