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4/15/2003: A Bull in a Shop
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Posted at 01:20:43 AM on Apr 15, 2003 by kip
I was trying to find the words to explain this strip to El over the phone. No words came. The idea came to me as I was walking to work last week and... here it is. Yay the speedy power of the web. I wish I'd spent a hair longer on the art, but I'm already freaking out about the Easter strip, so no backwards glances!
Sorry I've been so lax with updating stuff lately. Work has been keeping me busy and then last weekend I just crashed for most of it. It was Kuwie's birthday though, so happy birthday (belated) to him. That meant lots of fine eating. Rick and I took him to Pete Miller's on Friday and then his parents took him and me to this fancy shmancy place near his workplace in the West Loop. It looked really funky on the inside. Upside down umbrellas on the ceiling. Fringes on the railing. All the waitresses had these purse things. And then on Sunday, we grilled.
I'm stuffed.