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4/17/2003: EBC's
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Easter Time
Posted at 12:36:44 AM on Apr 17, 2003 by kip
This strip was commissioned, or as closely as I come to it, by Jim Stoneburger. He wanted me to mention the evil trend of rabbits bought as pets and then forgotten and sent to the Humane Society. Just like those potbellied pigs in the 80's or dalmatians around Disney releases.
Some may ask, what's with the little bunny gangstas? Well, the EBC thing is sorta like the ABC trend (American Born Chinese) who feel all cast out of either culture and so latch on to whatever's swimming around in the cultural ether, be it gangsta rappers, preppies, what have you. K, not the grandest statement I could've made. But little bunny earrings are fun to draw.
With a Ring at the end of his nose ...
Posted at 11:00:02 PM on Apr 17, 2003 by el
Cool. Bunny Nose Rings. Somehow those guys look more cute than tough though... Maybe if they growled or something ??? :-D More power to the little rebels!
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Buggy Bunny Eyes
Posted at 06:16:44 PM on Apr 18, 2003 by ming
I love the oh-so-slight bugging of Bunny's eyes when Bull reveals his tormented past. And his hole posture. The look of someone about to eat a very large, steaming plate of crow. "Not that YOU'D understand!" Heh heh heh... Open wide!