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4/22/2003: Autoclick
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We're Friends!
Posted at 01:06:08 AM on Apr 22, 2003 by kip
This was written and drawn really fast. Sorry. :-) I think it's cute though. After another weekend of much picture taking (not by me this time, since I was really tired all weekend and I figured I'd just take copies of my brother's stuff), I had this in mind, when you try to capture a nice candid moment and the posing ruins it.
Moreover, the autotimer on cameras is just evil. I remember when my dad got a camera with a remote on it (we had a lot of family pictures with Dad or my brother's hand a flurry of motion after throwing the remote so as not to capture it in the photo. Coming soon, I guess, little bluetooth controlled tripods so that you can see the framing done and make minute adjustments. Of course, there'll be a laptop in the picture, but in my family, laptops are basically beloved members as well...