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4/24/2003: Closeout Compulsion
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Sliding into midnight
Posted at 01:22:44 AM on Apr 24, 2003 by kip
Man, I keep cutting these strips closer and closer to bedtime. I tell you, I say "Thank you autoposter" every time. When I think of all the hours I spent doing Scrubs... yeesh.
Anyway, re: the strip, I just did the Bunny thing today, by which I mean I went into Wherehouse on my lunch break (they close on the 26th) and I got Gob, Dance Hall Crashers and... the Road Trip soundtrack, mostly for this Ash song and the Eel's Mr. E's Beautiful Blues, which I had on the Daisies of the Galaxy CD which I have since lost. Took my new CD's to work, where I quickly heard why these were still on the shelf at 70% off. Still, each was about 3$, so it's OK. Thing is that store was the high priced chain music store in town, with 17$ prices on things (Road Trip soundtrack started at 19$!). No wonder they went out of business, right? But hey, the Daily said it was due to piracy. Sha, right.
But Kuwie was talking about the new Apple music initiatives last week, fueled by rumors of the Universal bid from everyone's favorite renegade computer maker. He said that if it costs $0.50 a song, he'll easily get all his music from them. And as I walked around the Wherehouse aisles, it's like that in the real world too: at a certain price, people will buy anything, so long as the cover art on the CD isn't scary (quite a few scary CD's left on the shelves).
Cool new thing I learned this week for my job: regular expressions. Before now, I always shied away from jousting with these wily evil little things like I shied away from taking Compilers while in school. I would be a gibbering idiot right now without them, however. My code would be a thicket of ifs and elses without their flexible pattern goodness. So, regexes, yay. Visual Basic 6, boo.