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5/20/2003: Boxes
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Posted at 12:50:04 AM on May 20, 2003 by kip
I've talked about this game box trend before. I still like them though. The Matrix movie was "zzzz bang bang slam slam wham huh what? oh, wait until November" in my opinion. I liked many bits of it (even the mindbend part of it, actually more than the first movie's mindbend bit) but overall I had more fun watching the first movie.

I did, however, buy into the merchandising scheme and purchased the Enter the Matrix game, only to find out that my GeForce 2 GTS really doesn't cut it anymore for games. Shimmery textures, choppy bullet time, bleah. So I ordered a Radeon 9500 Pro, except I was slightly tipsy when I did it, so I accidentally got a 9500. I've been calling the company to change it, and they keep telling me that it has been changed, but the website doesn't reflect any of these changes so I'm worried. We'll see what I get in a few days. And we'll see how the Matrix handles it.

I'm really excited for the hacking part of the game, where you take a saved game and run it through the little Matrix OS and run programs and stuff on them to cheat. I think it's a sweet little diversion to hack stuff in binary and have it affect the game world. So, with my dollars, I'm supporting new ideas in games. Go forth dollars! Make better games!