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6/12/2003: Router Trouble
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I hate outages
Posted at 09:49:29 PM on Jun 11, 2003 by kip
This strip appeals to the geeks who also remember Janine Turner. Let's see how many people that is...

Last week we had major packet loss going on from our ISP. It was so bad that I couldn't play BF 1942. I could connect, but then things would get choppy and then all the other guys would laugh and point at me. "Ha ha, Laggy!" Sigh. At least I could still get email and web (slowly) but AIM was also out.

Yesterday it was completely out and I was about to call and complain but I had to run to storytelling.

But hey, it's up tonight (haven't tried BF 1942 yet) so I can't be too bitchy.

Still the idea of routers with midlife crises amuses me.
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Posted at 05:47:25 PM on Jun 12, 2003 by julian
Janine Turner was totally hot. Even in Cliffhanger.
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Posted at 06:10:26 PM on Jun 12, 2003 by kip
Bro, you didn't comment on my little packets! Or "Sisko"!

Thought you'd get a kick out of him. Sigh.

And Janine Turner is totally hot. Bit old for me though.