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6/17/2003: The Dumpster
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Need... Sleep
Posted at 10:30:25 PM on Jun 16, 2003 by kip
The freakin' trashmen do indeed come to the alley outside my window every morning at 8:30. See, we live behind graduate student housing, so there are five dumpsters there that are picked up every day. Then there's ours on Wednesdays. I used to be able to sleep through it, but either they've upgraded to Clangotrucks or I'm just getting old (I'm starting to think the latter is getting to be true).

I also have these mild headaches, but I'm pretty sure I've tracked the cause to my blurry second monitor at work. I keep waiting for the intern to leave so that I can steal his monitor, which, while curvy is at least sharp.

I do think my life would be better with a bazooka.
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Posted at 09:55:32 AM on Jun 19, 2003 by kip
Thursday's strip will be up in the afternoon. It's a long story. That long story will be on Kipworld.
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Thursday = Friday
Posted at 01:09:47 AM on Jun 20, 2003 by kip
So... I was going to make B&B tonight, but... I got into a new project. More on Kipworld in the morning.