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7/1/2003: The Apple Store
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Backgrounds suck
Posted at 01:14:17 AM on Jul 1, 2003 by kip
I will never think, "Oh backgrounds, this'll be an easy strip to make" ever again. Yeesh.

Anyway, this is about, as you may have guessed, the opening of the Apple Store on Michigan Ave, which my brother and I attended on Friday. We got there around 4 PM and the line was already down the block and around a building (which was nice, it meant that we got to sit in the shade for 2 hours). We were well equipped for waiting, with digital cameras, a Gameboy, cellphone games (his) and the best... Candy Crisis on his laptop. Mmm, Candy Crisis.

But I digress. When we got there, there was a lady alone in line, so we struck up a conversation with her. I heard my brother making his usual jokes and I realized I was making mine. Conversation pills, you know? Anyway, soon I tired of making idle chitchat and began to clear levels in WarioWare. There was a girl behind us waiting on some friends (seems like everyone was holding places in line). One was an Asian guy, mustachioed and my age, and the other was his friend, who just had the most "I'm hip and cool" voice ever. And he said these things like, "Is this worth it?" and "Will they have that, um, videocamera thing," as if to say, "I'm just here because, you know. Gracing it with my presence." Too cool to be one of the unabashed Apple geeks (the most unabashed of whom were walking around with homemade tshirts saying "Jobs for Prez." I'm not saying you have to drink the Kool Aid and go nuts. But admit it. The store is amazing. It's something to see. It's something worth lining up to see.

And no one who was there was too cool to freakin' be there.