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9/4/2003: The Reason
This is the first strip of "Moving"
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Strip gets made, yo
Posted at 10:28:11 AM on Sep 4, 2003 by kip
Woohoo! We still don't have our cable modem hooked up but I managed to smuggle the strip around on a USB drive to an undisclosed location...

Anyway, this strip will make more sense when I tell you about the landlord I just left, this weird glossy voiced fella who was all smiles and sunshine at the beginning ("You've turned this apartment... into a home!") and all prickles and pickle juice at the end ("You don't have a problem with your wires... I don't know of that apartment having any electrical problems..."). The "specieist" comes from a side comment he made while showing Kuwie and I the features of the kitchen, but saying that the eat in kitchens didn't get much use other than "Oriental students, who are frugal- their parents train them to be."

I'm really glad to be out, and my new landlord lives in my unit, works with me, and is my friend, so I'm sure this year'll work out much better.

Unless he evicts me for being messy.