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9/30/2003: Really
Storyline: "Interviews"
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Posted at 09:13:21 PM on Sep 29, 2003 by kip
So, the first frame... That's how I feel as I read down a resume, looking for stuff to ask about. I'm pretty bad at it, I think. I'm not so worried about awkward pauses, but sometimes my on the fly questioning goes a bit awry and we end up talking about dry ice or something.

Second frame... yeah, I have said stuff like that at career fairs, usually to booths where I was just resume dropping. I don't really fault the people who do it to me, since that's the point of a fair, to learn about companies you wouldn't already know about. Still... some of those sentences...

Third frame. There's one of those awkward pauses!

Fourth frame. Heh. :-) Those of you who recognized the applicant from "Opinion"... give yourselves a hand.