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10/14/2003: The Fix
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Posted at 11:54:50 PM on Oct 13, 2003 by kip
So, I must admit to not scripting this at all, just sketching some stuff in the head and then trying to make a punchline fit. The joy button of the head thing comes from me realizing that there are quite simply too many things to play with in this condo for me to get anything constructive done. I have to do an hour's worth of storytelling material in a month (Nov 11th, for those of you in the Chicago area!). Do I sit and write and work these things when I get home? No. I play videogames w/ Adam or we play foosball. I'm like one of those rats who has an electrode planted in the pleasure center of my brain and any time I want ZAM stimulation. These rats get nothing done.

Anyway, on the Frankenbunny thing... I got my iBook working. It took a lot of patience in single user mode and repeated fsck'ing but things are back to good around the white shiny laptop front. Thanks for the well wishing emails!

Promise to write more when this damn electrode gets out of my head, or I die from foosball wrist (my right wrist is developing a twinge from the constant playing of the game).