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11/20/2003: Screening
Storyline: "Travel"
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Do not pass Go.
Posted at 11:10:34 PM on Nov 17, 2003 by kip
Airport screening hasn't been that bad for me. I've never been ushered away to the magic wand part of the line. However, I've heard enough cautionary tales of woe about the TSA that I hold my breath going through the reader anyway. Really what put me off taking the new AlBook on my trip is the fact that I'd have to whip out not one but two laptops at the airport screener, letting everyone know that I would be a prime target for some snatch and grab. It's funny: you spend all this money on a sweet laptop and you're scared to take it out of the house...

Finally, the punchline of all bunnies looking alike? Social commentary, baby. Oh yeah!