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1/8/2004: Reading
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Posted at 11:59:34 PM on Jan 7, 2004 by kip
I'm in the middle of a book right now. I don't like to do much else besides read these books. It's the George R R Martin fantasy series (not sure what it's called, but all the books are titled "A <noun> of <noun>"). Anyway, I borrowed the first one from my brother in law and read it really quickly and then Adam got me the second one and checked out the third one from the library for me. Yeesh. I'd better get back to it. What books make you like this?
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That's my life!
Posted at 08:53:43 AM on Jan 10, 2004 by ming
I'm married to a Bull! At least when it comes to reading. And reading anything.

As for what books turn me Bullish, the Sandman graphic novels are still guaranteed to glue me to my seat. And a couple of Charles de Lint's novels and short story collections. Modern Urban fantasy. Mmmmm....

And good travel writing. And good food writing. A bonus is good writing about food discovered while traveling!

Any other suggestions?
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Posted at 12:01:12 AM on Jan 13, 2004 by kip
Gonna be late with the strip, sorry. Errands got out of hand. On the plus side, I got a Gig of RAM in my sweet sweet laptop. :-)