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2/3/2004: Long Hours
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Again, nonrelated
Posted at 11:14:25 PM on Feb 2, 2004 by kip
Another strip with no real life analogue... :-)

Baldur's Gate does sort of suck on your own. Adam and I have developed a cohesive dwarf / necromancer combination which does absurd amounts of damage. It's hard to play alone... it's so much more work. We've basically topped out our characters, so perhaps it's time to start new ones.

We do work long hours at work, although I keep a slightly more regular schedule than he does. Luckily I have plenty of games (and a comic) to keep me going.

Sorry about the state of the blog...

In other news, I'm headed to Purdue tomorrow night to do a recruiting thingy the next day so... I guess it's time to make another strip. Hmmm... what about???