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4/6/2004: Bad Taste
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Leaking Funny
Posted at 01:36:16 AM on Apr 6, 2004 by kip
I feel a lot less funny lately. Don't know why. And, no, this isn't some call for affirming email. Just an observation. When El and I were in New York (still need to blog that... coming soon, promise), we saw this amazing show called Avenue Q and it was smart witty mindblowing. And fun. I was just constantly delighted. It's been so long since I did improv (and even longer since I did it well) and while I certainly know why I'm not doing it, I can see in my life how not doing it is slowly making me a less naturally funny person and more someone who tries to see openings for comedy and then just jams whatever's going on in there. Sometimes that works. And other times, this strip happens.