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4/13/2004: Easter Candy Conspiracy
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Sugar High
Posted at 01:02:43 AM on Apr 13, 2004 by kip
Mmmm, Easter baskets. The original punchline was Bull saying, "Am I the only one around here that doesn't eat Easter baskets in one sitting?" but it just didn't flow, you know?
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Part 2
Posted at 01:52:13 AM on Apr 13, 2004 by kip
Phew! Just finished an intense game of Amplitude with Matt. What a great game... too bad it didn't sell.

Anyway, my Easter basket this year was a crapload of Jelly Bellies which are the new TV-snack-you-eat-til-they-sicken-you. Those, with the ballpark hot dogs served up by work today (opening day for the Cubs) and I think my digestive system is ready to strike.
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Posted at 07:29:36 PM on Apr 13, 2004 by ming
Animation! Way cool. And very funny.

I've still got some Peeps here. Spreading out the sugar high. I'm happier with a series of sugar mediums.