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5/31/2004: A Better Story
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A Much Better Story
Posted at 11:54:27 AM on May 31, 2004 by kip
I live! This weekend really wasn't that bad. My manager ordered me to take some time off, so I didn't pull the 14 hour days. I did 10 or 11 on Sat and then 9 on Sunday. I think I'm just going in in the afternoon today (it's the last Titanic show of the year tonight). I was uber productive this weekend, but there's always more to do...
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Posted at 12:55:10 AM on Jun 8, 2004 by kip
So... I've been diagnosed w/ tendinitis in both hands... That's what I get for working too much. So... um, new strips when I recover.

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Coming Soon...
Posted at 10:40:28 AM on Jul 12, 2004 by kip
I'll be back soon! Physical therapy is going well and I think I'm on the mend. Plus, work is a bit less crazy. All sign point to new funny, next week.