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8/10/2004: Ultrasound
Storyline: "Physical Therapy"
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Posted at 12:40:38 AM on Aug 10, 2004 by kip
So, my very first ultrasound experience didn't last too long. My therapist (how weird does it sound for me to think that thought? "my therapist" weird), who probably wouldn't be flattered by my poor artistic rendering of her at work, hooked up the machine and slather my arms with conductive gel and started zapping my poor poor nerves. A little bit into it, I felt some tingling, so I flexed my fingers, which she took to mean that I was not taking it well and she dialed it down. A bit later my fingers went numb from the position (palm up, evidently programmers can over work the muscles that keep the palm face down, so the opposite muscles can't do the palm up thing so well) and she disconnected the machine and started massage. And that was the genesis of this strip.

Now, when I say massage, I don't want you to think that physical therapy is all candles and pillows. This was deep-tissue-get-into-your-nerves-and-shake-shit-up-a-little massage.

Just wanted to make that clear.

Hey, just to crow a bit about my advance work: Thursday's strip is ready to go. OH YEAH!