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12/23/2004: Gift Time
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It's that time again
Posted at 12:08:05 AM on Dec 23, 2004 by kip
This is of course a callback to last year's holiday strip (exactly on this day... weird). I just finished Xmas shopping tonight, and I really don't know when I'll have time to wrap stuff. If only there were some sort of festive shrinkwrap machine somewhere. Hmmm, perhaps that's an invention that must be made.

Anyway, happy holidays to you and yours!
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Festive Shrinkwrap Machine
Posted at 11:06:09 PM on Dec 23, 2004 by ming
Mmmmmmm..... I'd buy that!

I miss the traditional frantic last-minute wrapping sessions the three of us would have in your room after dinner on Christmas Eve, and less than 3 hours before the traditional "it's midnight so it's Christmas NOW!" ripfest.

The way we all do it now - one present at a time, so all can see each gift and express admiration - is great too, but there was something to be said for the sheer energy of the orgiastic frenzied ripfest.

And of course, we still have the frantic last-minute wrapping sessions. It's just not the same as when it was the three of us siblings, crouched on the floor of the boys' room, sharing tape and scissors.

I'm done shopping, but not one thing is wrapped. Not one! Not a single one! Fa la la la laaa, la la la laaaaaa...
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dancing bunny
Posted at 08:43:29 AM on Dec 26, 2004 by sil
i love it! dance, bunny, dance!

the good thing about living in chile is that i didn't have many people to buy presents for. the bad thing is that no one really bought presents for me. sniff! ah well. merry x-mas, everyone.