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2/22/2005: The Wrong Movie
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Posted at 01:48:11 AM on Feb 22, 2005 by kip
This movie wasn't as bad as we thought it would be...

I think it would be a funny movie to pirate or sneak in to, since that's somewhat stealing which is a sin and the movie makes it very clear that you do not want to sin. Anyway, I kinda want to go read some classic Hellblazer now, or at least the first Sandman book where John Constantine makes an appearance.

This was quite the movie weekend as El and I saw the Merchant of Venice on Friday and Adam and I saw Ong Bak on Sunday.

The Merchant of Venice was pretty good. I hadn't read the play. I felt bad for Shylock, which is pretty impressive given what a shrew of a man he is.El liked kick ass heroine Portia, although I feel that Portia plays some pretty whacked out mind games with her love.

And Ong Bak... Ong Bak is sweet. So many great things there, the street market scene, the villain with a voicebox and that painful painful looking Muay Thai...