The Boy Stories

I hang my head in shame at my fraudulent claims.

This is a deception of such poor quality, it did not even merit the minute expenditure of energy required for the single mouse click that it took to deliver you here.

It is true that I found the thought of countering Kip's girl stories with an actual girl's perspective tremendously alluring. I really thought it'd be good for Scrubs, in regards to contextualizing everything. Sadly, the deed itself proved too unpalatable for my personal values.

But then I got to wondering just how many other people would be interested in hearing a boy story, if people would even click the link. Eventually, I just couldn't help it; I simply had to satiate my curiosity. Thus, in a way, this ordeal was all for the sake of science.

That is why there is nothing interesting or juicy here. Nothing at all. Not a single boy story. On the bright side, however, you have just furthered the cause of science.

Thank you for participating in this contribution to the well of human wisdom. You can go back home and hate me there if you wish.

Chastened, yet devilishly fulfilled,

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