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Saturday, January 20, 2001

Kip posted at 1:17 AM
Just saw Traffic. We had to sit in the second row because I was delayed parking the car. Neck hurts.

As for the movie, I liked it a lot. I was drawn in from the first beat (improv terminology here: the first beat is where we first see the threads of the stories) and really liked the progression.

Benicio del Toro was amazing! I thought he was a one trick pony during the Usual Suspects but I was proved quite wrong by his character here. Those hooded eyes... the way he walked. Very cool.

Another thing I really liked was the way Mexico was shown as yellow and burned in. It made me feel like I was dry (when I got home, I drank from the bubbler for a while). I liked how the Michael Douglas storyline showed him blasted in white a lot. Washed out. Because he's not there in the thick of it yet.

Anyway, good movie. I liked it better than Quills, which I saw last weekend. that movie was really depressing. Traffic wasn't depressing, like I thought it'd be. Enjoy.


Friday, January 19, 2001

Kip posted at 3:34 PM
Today was a huge day for me, writing-wise. I finished 4 strips and here's the kicker: They have a coherent storyline! And I still have story to tell! What's up with that madness? Well, it'll be a while before you readers can see them in rendered form. The thing is, at our present rate of 2 strips a week, it'll take quite a while to tell it all. So perhaps we'll save them for if/when we ever go to a more frequent update schedule. Such talk puts fear into the heart of Sil. Mwahahahaha.

Thursday, January 18, 2001

Kip posted at 3:27 PM
Apartment hunting sucks. Really, it does. Anyone who wants to share any tips, especially if you're in the North Chicago area, please, please send mail here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Kip posted at 7:39 PM
I know, I know, there's going to be a new strip up tonight so there's not much point in me making a blog post. But dammit, I feel like it.

I read in the school newspaper yesterday that this girl had died of complications with pneumonia. I never knew her personally. I had lunch once with her last year when I was sitting with some of her friends and I that's how I knew her name. At the time of the reading, I'd just realized that I'd left my room without my keys and I was locked out. I'd picked up the newspaper to kill time until someone happened by. Anyway, I read the headline and then someone from my floor was crossing by so I followed her up. Tried to get into the room, no luck so I sat in the suite and read about this girl who'd died.

And I didn't know her, at least not personally, but I was still hit. It seemed so strange, to hear of someone dying from pneumonia. It's one of those phrases that gets overused, a mother screaming after her kid who is running to the bus with no coat, "You're going to catch your death of cold!" And yet, here it was, with all the weight of obituary newsprint.

I told Sil again last night how much she means to me, being my best friend.

There was a column in the newspaper today from one of the girl's friends.

Senior year of high school, there was a girl who went to the all girl's school (I went to the all guy's) who had been sick for a couple of years. Then, senior year, she got worse suddenly and then died. I remember that day; I'd come into school into the library since I didn't have a first class. The morning announcements began, but there was something in the asst. principal's voice that wasn't right. And then, right before he said the morning prayer, he told the school of the girl's death.

I didn't know that girl in high school, except her name. I didn't know this girl, except her name.

In the strip, Sil's the one who cares about people, humanity. Kip's the one who keeps his eyes on himself and close friends. But Kip is not fully Kip. He knows, somewhere, that people, all people are special. Get to know people. They're a nonrenewable resource.

Kip out.

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