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Thursday, February 08, 2001

Kip posted at 11:24 AM
The honeymoon's over. I got my spankin' new video card (an ELSA card: Geforce GTS 2) and was all set to install this amazing game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto. So I popped it in, waited for the GIGABYTE to install and then fired it up. Cranked up the graphics settings. Sat back. The intro movie was hilarious! I was so excited to play... and then the game froze. So I restarted. Watched the movie again ( it was that good ). Started playing... game froze in the exact same spot. Hm. So I uninstalled, reinstalled. Nope. Then came the fun of drivers and driver settings. Went nuts. I was GOING to play this frickin' game. And then it worked! I don't quite remember what I did but there's a hazy memory of a patch and some ritualistic chanting ("No freeze-a freeze-a, no freeze-a freeze-a"). Played the first level. Pretty sweet. Then, started the second level... and it froze. Sigh.
This morning, I got it working again, using a different set of drivers for the video card. Yay! And I was doing OK, OK, but then dying. But that's OK, right? Finally, I got it down (you have to catch these falling guys before they get eaten by piranhas in this second level). And then, as I was pulling another one of them to safety... freeze.
Sigh. Never had to deal with this crap as a Mac gamer. Well, that's not entirely true. I remember Unreal Tournament dying many times just as I was about to win games online.
But anyway, back to Giants... it says something about HOW cool the game is that I'm willing to keep tweaking in order to play.

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Kip posted at 11:35 PM
I've joined... the dark side. I have a PC now. I still have my Mac that I use for all of my work. (I'm typing this on the Mac right now). But I've got another machine, nicknamed "Traitor" which is right beside. What does Traitor do? Play games. No more waiting for ports. No more games hobbled by obsolete video hardware. This thing breathes smoke. It pumps frames. It kicks butt and takes names. I feel like I've joined a club. No more sitting oustide the door waiting for handouts. I can get right in now.
Favorite game right now is Shiny's Sacrifice. Second in line is the Hitman 47 demo, which is sick, twisted, and very cool.
I also have Giants: Citizen Kabuto, which is supposed to be amazing, but I'm waiting for my shiny new video card to come before I install it.
Notes on it... WinME really really sucks. But I just use it as a games launcher so I guess it's not too bad.
"Traitor". That's me.
Well, once I get MacOSX on this Mac, and I don't have to worry about it crashing, we'll see about running Scrubs from school and the power of PHP and Perl and all those other wonderful "p" words.

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