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Saturday, February 17, 2001

Kip posted at 11:04 PM
So I'm listening to Into the Woods on a Saturday night. Tonight's big exciting adventure was laundry. Sil said that she'd be working too but she's not answering ICQ so I suspect she's out leading her exciting double life as a secret agent, saving the world every weekend.

I was so bored, I cleaned the room. That's impressive, readers.

Not that I don't have work to do, I do. And I don't do the work, I don't. So anyway, I'm just killing time until I check the stats for today on the site. Yes, I'm obsessive like that. The logs have showed heavy traffic lately, 700 hits on Tue, 500 Wed and then 400 on Thu. Fri was back to normal 200-300 values but not an update day. Craziness!

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Kip posted at 3:12 PM
Salon.com People | Do you love me, or am I just paranoid?

In honor of Valentine's Day, an article that really makes sense. Sort of. I think it's my misfortune that I always seem to fall for tough girls who don't have any of the opinions of the girls who write (and I read). So really, I have no clue as to what women want.

But we knew that already.

Sunday, February 11, 2001

Kip posted at 12:47 PM
Giants problems fixed... turned out that my schwank sound card was the problem since the drivers were not DirectX certified (ie, guaranteed by Microsoft to run perfectly) so of course, it was crashing. So I switched over to the builtin sound card and all was well. Sometimes the sound cuts out and there a slight lags when there are tons of people on the screen but a RAM upgrade should fix that. And, hey, the RAM upgrade is in the mail. Yeehaw.
As for the game itself... it's laugh out loud funny. Sil and my roommate and I were going through just watching the cutscenes. How many games have cutscenes so cool that you just want to see them? I mean, besides FF8. I'm talking action games.
So, for a non geek update to my life... my sister and brother in law came up to see me last night. We went to dinner. I think my eating habits are finally normalizing. I wasn't terribly hungry but I managed to finish this huge burger. Not the side dish though. Why do restaurants give you SO much food? I tell you.

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