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Thursday, March 08, 2001

Kip posted at 11:05 PM
The last problem set of the quarter is done. Let's all have a moment of silence for a quarter where Kip made it through four classes, none of which were computer based.


In celebration, Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics has been purchased and will be read as soon as Norwegian Wood is read for the second time.

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Kip posted at 1:22 PM
Wow... what a difference doing homework makes.

I have an improv show coming up on Wednesday (first one of the year!) and we had rehearsal last night so I knew that I had to frontload work in order for life to go swimmingly. So I started working on finishing math and then moved on to semiconductors and mat sci. So, I got almost everything done! I'm so amazed. I should have done this ages ago. Perhaps since the beginning of the quarter. Hmmmmm.

Mom called me for tax info on the income I've made here both over the summer and at school. I dug up an old paycheck so I could check the gross. Wow! I made lots. But where did it all go? Why didn't I save for a laptop? Why why why???

Monday, March 05, 2001

Kip posted at 12:17 PM
And so, two days later... and I think, "What happened this weekend?"

I had another unsettling dream last night where my mom was upset at me for some reason. My brother and I were home for the weekend and doing laundry and stuff but for some reason, Mom kept nagging me and giving me the evil eye.

I also overslept. I woke up at 7:20, 30 min before my alarm was set to go off. I checked the alarm to make sure it was still set and then slept. The silicon chips decided to give me an extra hour of nappy time so I missed my first class. Then I consciously skipped my second one but I was doing to homework for it that's due tomorrow so I don't feel like too much of a slacker.

So how nice are my Mat Sci prof and TA? I went into class and we had a quiz. The quiz was 2 questions and you only had to do one question if you'd taken the previous quiz, 2 weeks ago. Some people in the class just weren't getting it so the TA put another problem up on the board that we could answer. I did all 3 and handed it in but some people just sat there, staring...

The video game report:
My rurouni kenshin fighting game should be here today! Very excited.
I got past the third laser room in No One Lives Forever after about an hour of crouch jump miss poison gas comes and kills me. Also very excited.
Played SSX with Rick for about an hour last night after we did Signals homework. A guy I work with laid down the gauntlet: 350k points on Elysium Alps. I'm up for that.
Played Quake 3 Arena with the aforementioned colleague. I was doing OK in the first game but I believe he was just humoring me because the 2nd and 3rd game he proceeded to hand me my butt on a plate, even after I begged him to make our tourney shotguns only. I blame Traitor on my loss in that I was too captivated by the 32 bit colors to really concentrate on killing Adam, or the fact that the keyboard and mouse that came with Traitor really suck.

For my parents, who may be reading this... if I didn't play all these games, my head would explode, really. I am doing work, promise! (Maybe it's latent guilt that causing my bad dreams...)

Off to finish up that Signal homework... really...

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