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Hey kids,
I just wanted to send you a quick compliment on your comic -- it looks really good so far. Perhaps, as you said, everyone and their brother's dog's dental hygienist has a webcomic nowadays.. but yours is actually funny and well-drawn, so that puts you ahead of the pack. :) Keep up the good work!



I was just visiting Tony's site (dreamflux) and saw the link. The strip was very good I liked it a lot. Good balance of writing and art. If the two of you find a way to web-syndicate the strip let me know I'd really like to have it at my site. I couldn't afford to pay though :) so make sure it's a free service!

Keep up the great work and I wish you well.

Eric Goff


I stumbled across your site because my nickname is Scrubbo, and when I was scanning the list of S comics on Big Panda (I was tooling down to my comic to see if the nifty images had reloaded) and saw Scrubs, I had to to check it out. :)

It's VERY good. Good writing (yay kip) and excellent artwork (yay sil) here. Anywho, I'm adding you to my daily read list. Yes indeed. :)


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http://comicollage.keenspace.com - A comic that has yet to have Scott Maddix's naked body flung out of it.


hi. anyway, i saw your site on bigpanda (looking to see if they put me up today...^^>) and went to go check it out. the comics are quite funny....and i got them all, god forbid...i like the whole thing and wanted to congratulate you on it. mind if i link to you? well, i dunno what else to say...bye just about wraps it up...

aka ObscureReferenceGirl

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You have a nice strip. Good luck and welcome to the world of webcomics.

Brian Clopper

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