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Strip for 1/6/2001  
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I'm sure the conundrum keeping all you guys up at nights. Is Scrubs a black-and-white strip with the occasional cameo of color, or is it primarily a colored strip with rare intervals of monochrome? Now, before you expend any more energy contemplating this mystery, allow me to dispel all confusion by saying that Scrubs, your favorite strip, is brought to you by the shades Black and White, proud sponsors of the 2001 Colorblind Webcomic Olympics.

In other words, I will be using colors only when they are needed to communicate some point in the plot, or on special occasions (like our inaugural strip). Really, whenever I feel like it. Why? Because time is a precious commodity, my friends, and graphic design a debilitating addiction. Once you put that Photoshop gradient tool in my hands, you create a monster. One that cannot be extricated from the monitor until her eyeballs have begun to peel. So why does today's strip merit the presence of color?

Isn't it obvious? The tomatoes! On the boxers. I mean, come on! You just _have_ to love the tomatoes, and tomatoes have to be red. That's all there is to it. Chalk it up to my irrational psyche, but I simply cannot envision tomato boxers that aren't red. Maybe, when the doctors finish unraveling the riddle that is my logic, I'll be able to explain my compulsions better. For now, stop thinking, sit back, and enjoy the colors when they come.


Kip here, I think that we've worked out our strategy now. Sil's news blurbs will be in green, mine in black.

I wasn't going to horn in here but I have to tell you all that this strip is my favorite thing that I've ever written. I can always count on the words "ninja pants" to get me giggling even months after I wrote them. I'm sorry to say that it's probably all downhill from here.

In other boring technical news, I got styles working correctly in Netscape 6. Did you know that you're not allowed to use underscores in style names? So "scr_reg_body" doesn't work as a style for NS6 but "regBody" works fine.

Finally, in general Scrubs news, we have a new buddy! His name's Rick. You can meet him in more detail on the cast page.