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Strip for 2/3/2001  
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This strip... hmmm, this strip. This strip was written in the "second batch" as I like to think of it. Way back many months ago. the first batch strips were pretty terrible and the second batch was not so that's about when I started getting attached to the concept. Ways to tell when strips are "second batch" are the excessive use of words and pretty static locations.

So, more about the strip topics... I remember my brother introducing me to mp3's when he was in college years and years ago. But I never really understood the point. Because I was still on a modem connection. And I think we had a 350 MB HD at the time. And music... I really didn't care about music then.

Now that my music tastes are much more eclectic, mp3's rock my world. Live stuff, rare stuff, it's all there... somewhere.

As for the pen pal thing, that was more last year. My best friend, Jason, decided over Xmas that the way we could get rich would be to set up our own electronic dating service at our college. I was to do the code and he was going to do the... hm. Something. So I had to do research on the good ones and then I ended up with accounts on 2 or 3 and I started getting mail so that was interesting for a while. But now I've realized that there's a reason these people have turned to the internet for companionship and sometimes, it's for some pretty compelling reasons. I did meet one girl that way, but that's a story for another post. Perhaps for the Valentine's special.

What Valentine special? You'll see.

Besides that, I'm headed home tomorrow morning and so I'm in that limbo state. You know, wondering what to bring back, what to take back here when I return, etc etc. Laundry, of course is a must. I think I really overestimated the number of T shirts I'd need here. So many T shirts. When I do laundry here, I just wash the essentials so the T shirt pile piles up. This is probably more that you really wanted to know about my personal life habits.