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Strip for 2/17/2001  
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Sil here. After a long hiatus from the news blurbs. For those of you who were wondering where I disappeared to (no names...Sonali), thanks for the voice of concern. Compassion is a wonderful thing. It's just been a rough past couple weeks, and I thought the reins were safe in Kip's hands for a while. They were, right? ...right?

so you wanna hear a short story? don't worry, it's a short, short story.

I'm actually not afraid of spiders now. I used to be. But the summer of freshman year I got fed up with being afraid of these creatures the size of my fingernail that have no ability to harm me whatsoever (Midwestern spiders are pretty innocuous...I hear that in Texas or something you get some nasty killer ones). I realized that fearing things just because they have more legs than you, even if they're a fraction of your size and thus completely at your mercy, is such an inane and futile phobia. So I spent the whole summer forcing myself to catch spiders while I worked at the Bath and Tennis Club flipping burgers and moving lawn furniture. Daddy-long-legs especially, since they were everywhere. Eventually I became inured to the suggestion of handling spiders, what with that tickly feeling they leave on your palms, so that now I pretty good with getting rid of or exterminating insects in general. Except silverfish. *shudder*.

I can't stand silverfish.

That's all for now.

teakettles and lampposts,


I didn't post before, but I'm bored. So here goes...

This strip was a total team effort Friday night for the Scrubs cast. Sil and I worked at her apartment. I wrote a new storyline while she did the ink and stuff for this strip. Then we came back to my place to do the web stuff. And you know what? I do so little work compared to her. It really is not fair.

She: draws, inks, scans, places the art, copies down the words I wrote and wraps it all up. A couple of hours.

Me: save old post in a strip page, make new blurb on the index page, link the archive pages together, add a couple lines to the strip selector and I'm done. About 20 minutes.

Makes you wonder why she hasn't strung me up by now and made me learn how to hold a pencil, huh?

Anyway, notes about the strip itself... I think it speaks for itself. I'm going to be graduating in a year and a half. Out. Of. School. It sinks in now as I start planning my schedule for the rest of my time here to make sure that I will be out in a year. And after that, I hopefully go to California where I code by day and do improv by night. That's the plan now but where will I really be? Which of my friends now will continue to be there when we all split? What'll be important to me?

I'm freakin' scared. So it's nice to have an easy fear to deal with too. Like spiders.