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Strip for 3/10/2001  
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And the first series begins. You could say that the Valentine's Special was sort of a series in its own right, but I think that this Cybiko series is the first one where the comics really will connect into a somewhat coherent storyline and leave everyone changed forever. Kind of.

So, what is a Cybiko, really?

I don't have one myself, but I wrote these strips over the summer after seeing ads for them on TV. The thing about the matchmaking service I gleaned from some poorly translated Japanese website which has since disappeared. I think what really happens is that Cybikos beep when they're near each other because they set up these little wireless networks between each other. You can also hook one to a PC with a net connection and use another one wirelessly to access the Internet.

What really stuck Cybiko in my head, however, were the ads I saw for the thing over Christmas. There's a Japanese guy screaming in the background the features while a translation says "Games! Organizer! Wireless! Etc." And then finally the background guy says, "It's everything!"

That's entertainment.

Anyway, I've got a Palm III for my personal digital organization needs and I think that it's been faboo. Although my dark shameful secret is that I use it in waves. I'll get a cool app like Vindigo which makes it indispensable but then I'll stop using it and the Palm will sit for weeks just sucking up battery power. Wireless does sound nifty though and I think there are enough Palms on this campus that if they made some sort of peer to peer wireless tech like the Cybiko, it'd work.

Final note on this stuff, I really do mean what I say in the third panel... I do hope that these things lead me to find the geek girl of my dreams. But like the whole online dating thing, there's a reason these people have turned to technology for solace.

I wonder if Tech Girl has a Palm. And if she does... am I in it? If she'd just ask, I'd be in the palm of her hand...


Final strip notes: I love random visitors like the businessmen. Wow. Funny.