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Strip for 3/17/2001  
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It's so nice to meet everybody through email. I've had a couple of conversations in the last couple of days that have really convinced me that we have the nicest readers ever. And they're smart too.

Anyway, this blurb is a LIE. It's not 3/17/2001 at all. I'm writing it early so that I can test out date sensitive code. That's right, readers, even though Sil and I will be crashing into mountain sides and incommunicado next week while on Spring Break, the comic will still update through the magic hand of JavaScript.

So, since I have to create this stuff so far in advance... I'm not really sure what to put here.

Oh ,right, the strip for the 17th. The strip that makes fun of "sophisticated pattern matching ai" in all shapes and sizes. I know that many of these are bunk because I've written terrible rules for Eliza like programs. Also, when I was doing the dating service thing, some of the matches that would get returned... Yeesh. Lordy.

Oh, more about the strip... comments about my code can be sent to kip@kipster.org. There's not really enough space there for exception handling or anything... I'm not usually so sloppy. And using void functions for side effects!

More about code... I think that the stuff here to make the index update is pretty spiff. Check it out, if that's your thing.