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Strip for 4/4/2001  
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Today's DD:
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For those of you who didn't catch the announcement last weekend, I'm starting a "Doodle of the Day" series (temporary name), wherein I'll be posting up some of the artwork I do outside of Scrubs. The DD's will range from scribbles in class notes to more polished pieces from my sketchbooks. They'll act as my personal contribution to the news blurbs, in lieu of, well, news. Hope you enjoy them.

Check out last weekend's Doodles, if you're so inclined.

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I have improv rehearsals on Tuesday nights now... so these are going to get later and later and it's all my fault.

This strip was written in response to my crappy disastrous third date with Blind Date girl. The other strip I wrote that night was pretty bad but this one still cracks me up so... here it is.

My sister will recognize the sentiments immediately. She had to live through my tumultuous time in high school as I'd flounce around, pissed about some girl I didn't get to date or some drama roleI didn't get to play. I'm so lucky my sister was living at home at the time. Don't know how I'd have made it through adolescence without her. Thanks, Sis.

See, there's nothing better in a sulk than someone coming around to help you out. And there's absolutely nothing better feeling than to have a "secret" place that you've told someone about where they can come find you. For me here in town, it's this plaza in town (see, I'm telling you all so that you can come save me when I'm sulking).

The plaza has fountains in the summer but in the winter, the water's off and it's sort of depressing. The plaza's got a 70's type decor with strange angles. The insides are painted this sickly aqua color that hints at the water to come, weather permitting. I like it because through some meteorological madness, it stays pretty temperate in fall and spring, which are the times when I'm moody (agian warning people).

Lots of people here go to the lake and sit on the rocks... I don't like to do that when I'm depressed. Might jump off. No, the rocks are much more fun when you're with someone you know very well and you can sit out there, freezing your butt off and watching the lake blend into the sky.

Despite all this talk, I'm really not that moody right now. Really. I'm fine.

Aren't you coming?