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Strip for 4/28/2001  
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So this strip is our political statement.

I've always considered myself a pretty preppy Asian. Hear that? Preppy. Sure, I listen to weird music and like obscure writers and things, but on the surface, I'm definitely the product of suburbia. And I'm not ashamed. I wear khakis almost every day. They're comfy. And I'm proud of my grasp of grammar.

Which is why when I met Asians of the urban variety in high school, I was a little shocked. I figured that these other people would be the same sort of nebbish slightly nerdy kid like me. But no. These guys were... skaters. Baggy pants. Breakdancers. Listened to rap.

I realized that, yes, there was an Asian revolution brewing but it wasn't coming from preppies like me. It was from these urban Asians. When you saw us in the media as anything approaching cool, it was one of these folk.

When I got to college, I didn't decide to make myself over or anything. I mean, my wardrobe's gotten a bit better, especially in the shirt department. But I'm by no means like these urban Asians. But here in college, so many Asian people clump up into their own little pro-Asian cliques or they descend upon a church youth group and take it over. I decided to not get sucked in and stayed independent. As a result... I didn't get to date any really hot urban Asian girls. But hey, if you've been reading, you know that I didn't get to date a lot, period. :-)

But hey, back to the grouping, well, that's their thing.. I'm not dissing it. Well, in the strip above, I am. But really, I'm happy for them, to be able to be cool in themselves and not really need anything else. They've got confidence; I'll give them that. I'd like to be cool. But I don't want to become something I've mocked for so long. That's what the strip is about for me.

Part 2 on Wednesday. "Sure," you say... "I believed you once. But now you've missed 2 Wednesdays!"

Where did the week go? I tell you, I blinked. And it was over. Not that that means that I did nothing, mind you. I guess so much has happened this week that truly it is as if a tidal wave took over my life and only now do I lie gasping on the top of a building looking around at the destruction it's caused.

Sunday and Monday I had teaser shows for the big improv show on Tuesday. Tuesday, I moved sets for most of the day and got other things done like programs, website, and general performing. I worked about 8 hours that day on that show. Maybe more. And hey, there's another one coming up this Tuesday. Sil came to the show and so we got to hang out afterward but very little Scrubs work was done. More of a "I haven't seen you in so long, let's just chill the heck out." I did ruin the night by asking about the strip so then I went home.

Wednesday was spent getting preliminary info gathered for the project reports that were done on Thursday and handed in today, right before my midterm, which seriously kicked my butt. Only after that was over did I watch Survivor (taped) with the other Survivor fans here in the dorm.

But hark, what else happened Wednesday? Imagine, if you will, a hammer, delicately poised on the edge of its handle. A single string holds it aloft, but really it's just one of those magical things that occur when no one watches. All of a sudden, the hammer falls. That was Wednesday for the webserver here. I guess making strips about popular videogames is a good strategy for building hits. See, then the network of sites covering news about that game will also link and smash your server. So, thank you, planetblackandwhite for the couple thousand referrals over the past few days as well as the many people fro that pool who've since decided to make Scrubs a part of their biweekly breakfast.

We're getting less and less people as our news item fades and frankly, I'm a little relieved because the pressure to get a new strip up was intense.

But don't worry, you're not going to see us cater to a new brand of fan. We'll be offering up the same skewed world view as always. And even if a game is mentioned, remember, it's not about the game.