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Strip for 5/2/2001  
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Before I forget... it's Rick's 21st birthday today. Man, everyone's 21 except me. And Sil. He keeps complaining that he hasn't been in the strip lately, but you should know that he helped me to write this series going on right now.

I'm such a geek. I do use the SI terms to magnify my adjectives. Not all the time. I'd be really annoying then.

I am wiped. I stayed up really late last night making publicity boats for Titanic. Then, I slept for 2 hours and then put the boats up around campus. I had a little help, but I was the only one to do the double crunch of staying up late and then waking up ungodly early. The boats themselves went well, although high winds (not icebergs) were the main killer. It's a testament to the powers of duct tape that one boat survived an 8 foot fall onto its front hull. Another boat did not do so well. The last one, the first one made, did quite well and is now chilling in my dorm's lounge.

So to recover, I skipped my afternoon classes and slept. Mmmmm.

Summer has pounced with a vengeance. During yesterday's afternoon nap, I found that my bed lies sort of in the sun. Enough to cook me. And last night, I woke up around 3 with a blistering heat headache. Well, that and the fact that my sleeping schedule is shot to hell and back. But I'm happy summer is here, if only for the fact that I can go outside sans coat and sans socks (which I'm losing everytime I do laundry).

Speaking of laundry, I did an emergency load (needed a white shirt for my performance) at around 3:30 in the morning of the long night mentioned above. People look at you strangely when you do laundry then, however, I didn't get many strange looks carrying a 4 foot long carboard boat up campus. I tell you, no one appreciates spectacle anymore. :-)

Linkety dinkity doo...

The new iBook. Cute... but I think I'll save my pennies for a G4 Powerbook, whenever its graphics card is upgraded.

This was Blues News link a couple days ago... a BB gun for the inner terrorist in all of us.

Um, how much do I hate Microsoft now? It used to be just worrying that the Mac would go away under Windows pressure, but now they're frickin' taking away my videogames. I'm right upset over this one.

In music news... well, not really news. I really like this online radio station. Give it a listen, you might like it. The coolest thing for me is that I can just listen along and if some song jumps out and slams into my cerebrum, I can go over and see who it was... I don't have to wait for some annoying DJ to tell me (they never do). I remember some cool radio technology that was supposed to do that for the car by embedding text into the signal, but it never took off. Sigh.

K, bye