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Strip for 5/16/2001  
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No... this isn't a joke. Sil is leaving soon for her grand adventures abroad. And I'm not lying, it really slipped my mind that she was leaving school 2 weeks early. Some best friend I am, huh?

No wait! Don't all leave at once! Here's how it's going to go. I'll be coming at you, via Sil's wonderful art. And sometimes, I'll be coming at you with my own attempts (hey, see that banner up there? I made that. Bet you were wondering what was up with the stick figures, right?). So the more verbally oriented strips will be done in the rendered style, but with horrendous art reuse. The more plotty/action oriented strips will be stick-o-rama.

Scared yet? I am. But I'm here. I didn't want to just shut off Scrubs over the summer.

So here's what I bring to the table to offer you, our loving, loyal readers. The same writing that we've always had... sometimes the same art... and now: more strips. I'm going to attempt to be on a Mon-Wed-Sat schedule. I'm not sure how well it'll go (word bubbles are tough!) but stick around, and I'll try my best.

So, be sure to email Sil and tell her how much you miss her. I know I'll be doing the same.

Song time. They Might Be Giants went over very well on Sat. Today's music selection comes from Moxy Fruvous. Thanks to Alyson for introducing me to them. The song's called If Only You Knew.

listen to this song - song removed for space reasons

(Mike on lead)
The mist of the morning in this strange town,
lifted slowly with the sun,
refracted the rays in a thousand ways,
a new day just begun.
And it crowded against my window sill,
still sweet with the morning dew.
If only you knew,
how much I think of you.
Into the van and down the road,
along the highway fast.
With this band I ride through the countryside,
the seasons slidin' past.
(Mike, w/ others singing "ahhhh")
I spy a humble homestead there,
with a garden and a river view.
(Mike w/ Jian)
If only you knew,
how much I think of you.
By a stream of running water,
I heard you laugh.
I closed my eyes for an hour and a half,
(Mike w/ Jian)
and tried to make you appear.
I swear in the beauty of the setting sun,
you were here.
An old troubador on the street that night,
(Mike w/ himself)
plays for our passin' change.
On a fiddle in g, a melody,
mysterious and strange.
(Mike, w/ others singing "ahhhh")
He learned on a green distant mountain top,
a wedding waltz,
so sweet and true.
(Mike w/ Jian)
If only you knew,
how much I think of you.
If only you knew,
how much I think of you.
(guitar outro)
(Mike speaking)
Dave, are you below the safe low limit on that last one?
(Jian speaking)
That was great for me.