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Strip for 6/16/2001  
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Old school. you have no idea how old school I feel, typing this into emacs. Don't hate me, all you vi users out there. I want my text editor to have tetris, I can't help it.

Well, this is how it's going to have to be for the rest of the summer. Old school. On the plus side, blurbs will be extra extra short. Other things which might suffer are the clip art page, archive page, and in general links to all of those things. Sorry. :-) I'll try to push myself to do those. Old school.

Oh, about the strip... every American girl who goes abroad has incredible romantic adventures, right? Sil's orientation advisor gave her ahem, protection, so I'm guessing that it's pretty standard. And if it's not the Europeans hitting on them, it's other American tourists. Sil says she's been getting chatted up in the cafes randomly. Europe... that's where it's at!

We've been nominated for an award! We're up for Best Reality Based Strip in the Cartoonists' Choice Awards. Stiff competition, but I think we might have a good shot.

Looks like this might be the last song for a while too. :-( No words too. :-) It's another one from Cowboy Bebop and it's called Green Bird. listen to this song.

Went to see Moulin Rouge yesterday. I can see why opinions are so polarized on the movie. The director took lots of big chances and you can't please everyone. I appreciate what he was going for. I felt certain parts were too neat and pat, and I think many people are sick of shows within shows, but it's not like Hamlet is the only thing allowed to have one of those, right? As for the love message of the show, I fully agree. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return."

I'm just having problems getting that second part going.


Oh, the geek report: I did get my Gameboy Advance on Wednesday. And Chu Chu Rocket and Tony Hawk. I'm saving Tony Hawk for my flight out west. Chu Chu Rocket is one of the coolest puzzle games ever. My question to you readers is... what's the best Puyo Puyo clone for the Gameboy? Puzzle games are cheap and in my opinion, they're the best thing to play on the road. Easy to pick up for either 2 minutes or 2 hours... I love puzzle games. And of course soon there will be Tekken for this little marvel. As far as platformers go, Rayman is looking better and better. So many games, so little time!

The neatest thing about getting a new system is that feeling of "now I can play this game. For example, Kirby stuff. When Kirby first came out, I really liked the concept of him. And now, I can play the games. Same thing when I got my PC (traitor). There was this huge rush of "oh, now I can play CounterStrike, Hitman, and all those other unported games." I know I'm a traitor to the Mac gaming cause. I'm sorry. But really, it's nice to have multiple gaming outlets. Now where's that Gameboy?

-kip (again)