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Strip for 6/27/2001  
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For all the sleep deprivation that Sil puts herself through, you'd think that she'd have coffee or some other caffeine based liquid for blood, but no, she prefers good old mental concentration.

So it was a huge shock to me to get an email telling about her long days in cafes. Not to say she isn't doing anything there but sit in a cafe, but... anyway. Istarted drinking coffee because I thought it was the cool grownup thing to do. My drink of choice these days is the latte, because it reminds me of how I got coffee in Spain every morning.

Sorry about the broken link in the last blurb. Blame emacs. I'm back in Dreamweaver now, so all is nice nice.

I am also situated in my semi permanent housing for the next 10 weeks, so things will be less discombobulated. I can't tell you anything about what I'm doing here besides working for Apple. Besides that, the harsh NDA bears down and leaves me with just a squeak.

However, I can tell you about last week in San Francisco. I sat around near a lot of picturesque bodies of water. Like Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, the pond near the Palace of Fine Arts, oh, and the Pacific Ocean. Got lots of writing done, so that was nice.

Nice is my new word.

Also in SF, I had OK sushi, had really nice crepes, ate a half Dungeness crab in shell, (yeah, lots of food was consumed). I saw the Exploratorium, Fisherman's Wharf (touristy, but featuring sea lions. yay sea lions!), and lots of SF streets (because I would get sick of waiting for the bus and decide to walk). I also tried to get tickets to Rent (but the cheap seats sold out and I've already seen it, so it wasn't worth full price), saw improv at BATS (which turned out to be long form, much to my surprise) with my cousin, and saw a street performer drop flaming torches near small children.

Thank you to everyone who emailed me recently. I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond more articulately, but as I've noted before, computer access has been sparse until now. Now I'm swamped with em.

I am allowed to tell you one thing about working at Apple and that's that it's really cool to be here where everyone has a Mac. It's so gratifying after being a second class computer citizen for so long in my school's CS department.

Oh, now that I'm back on the net in the fully plugged in sense, I thought I'd give some music. Thanks to my freshman year roommate for introducing me to this band. The song is called Drinking in LA by Bran Van 3000 and really, printing the lyrics won't help you enjoy the song any. You'll enjoy it anyway.

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