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Strip for 7/4/2001  
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Sorry about the broken image for the past day. I forgot to set the permissions correctly on the file. I had to leave work pretty quickly on Tuesday. Forgive me? On one hand, I did get a crapload of mail today, so maybe I'll be breaking links more often. :-)



This whole fortune cookie storyline marks a little departure from our usual reality based fare. I like it though. It was kicking around a bit back when Sil told me, "I want storylines" and I tried to bash out a couple. Many of them sucked. This one sucked less, so I worked at it a little and I think I like how it develops much better now.

And the art by Kid Sinister just keeps getting better and better!

Speaking of that, if anyone else is inspired to do guest work, by all means, please email me and we'll work something out. You don't need to email a sample or anything, but it'd be nice to see what sort of stuff you like to draw.

We didn't win the award for best reality based comic at the Cartoonists' Choice Awards. Check out the winners here. Congrats to Real Life for their win.

So as promised, life did get more interesting this weekend. I went up to San Francisco and saw Michelle Shocked in concert with cousin Michelle. It was at the Fillmore. Ooooh, historic. It was quite nifty to see the pictures they had up there. I hadn't been to a rock concert in a while. I'd never heard of Michelle Shocked before, but she played a few songs that made me think to myself, "That's who sings this."

I took the train up from here in Cupertino and was just getting into SF when Michelle called re: the concert. So I took a cab over and had all my stuff with me when I got to the line. And wow, if you want to slow down the line at the Fillmore, arrive with stuff for the weekend. The bouncer lady went through everything. She checked my MP3 player to make sure it had no record function. She scrutinized my TI85. She kept my Leatherman until after the show. I was embarrassed.

The concert itself had lots of middle aged people in the crowd rocking out. One guy was smoking pot behind me and calling for "Shelly." It reminded me of the time I was at a BoDeans concert and this drunk lady in her thirties tried to get me to dance.

The rest of the weekend was spent with my folks and Michelle in SF. We ate a lot of food. Sooooo much food. I kinda wanted to see the art in technology exhibit at SFMoMA but no one else was really into it and I didn't want to drag them. Ah well, there's always the Tech museum in San Jose. Not really the same, but I can deal.

Last Sunday, I went to an art museum in San Jose that's having totally free admission now. There was a capoeira demonstration too (how are these things connected? know either.) It was so cool that I wanted to sign up for lessons but I really don't have time after work to I don't make my way to San Jose. Maybe I'll try to find classes when I get back to Chicago. I'm going to need something to do while Sil's in Spain for fall semester...

No song today due to technical difficulties... sorry.

Happy 4th of July!