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Strip for 7/18/2001  
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Again, another art steal without much new. But again the words!

I know that I'm going to have to defend my use of the word "Luddite." Of course Sil would never use the word as carelessly as I've portrayed here. I think. But hey, I miss her, and when I can't hear her voice just because I do something stupid like forgetting my cellphone during the day... I feel dumb. And frustrated with long distance communication in general. So while I'm not a Luddite in terms of one who opposes technological change, I think I've become much more critical of applications I used to think were the future of human communication. Maybe it's just because my typing skills have seriously deteriorated for anything except code. I blame the crappy keyboard on my machine that I use for not coding.

So I'm walking around today with a sleep deprivation spike in my head. You know what I'm talking about. This one was mostly self inflicted. The Macworld keynote was this morning, so a bunch of us stayed here all night. We watched Snatch and then played Unreal Tournament for hours. Then we went to the keynote. I only fell asleep once, and it was during a section I knew all about, so I didn't miss anything.

Unreal Tourney... I was one of the better players in our group. That made me feel good. We had one really good player and then the rest of us battled for second. It felt like a nice return to olden days, last year, playing UT CTF and DOM in my dorm room. It's so much better when you can taunt the person you're fragging in different accents, something which the keyboards just don't convey.

So that's why this strip is late...

Also... I did see the Score and Final Fantasy this weekend. Thumbs up to both. That is all. (That old typing deficiency).

Tonight, I'm hoping to go see Nick Hornby at Kepler's. Need to get a ride. I also need to stay awake. Hmmm, maybe I can grab a nap underneath my desk...