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Strip for 7/28/2001  
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So... it's finally complete. The version that's up here (Click here for the movie, wait, movie removed at a higherup's request.) is 1/2 the size of the version that's been submitted. We were at work until 3 getting everything exported nicely. The first version was terrible, but then we put the black bars in and all was made nicer. Quicktime is required (sorry Linux folks) and the entire file is really large (30 some MB) but it does stream.

So, yeah, it's a little tiny, but it works. We like it. We're happy. I'm not sure how well we'll do, but hey, the honor was definitely in the trying. So much for my anonymity, I guess. Ah well. Can you guess which one's me?

iMovie is definitely a killer app for me. I was pretty happy with my current 3 year old computer but now that I see what I can do in iMovie, I want a new computer. One that can handle DV and huge files. Because making this movie was brutal, but I really loved every late hour second of it. But I'd prefer to spend more seconds cutting and less seconds waiting for stuff to render.

Anyway, it's over now, although we might still make an outtakes reel. And now, hopefully I'll be a lot better about keeping this comic strip going.

And I'll get to catch up on sleep, although I hope to start doing social stuff again. On the plus side, I've saved so much money on dinner... I have been eating (great, now my folks'll get worried about me) but it's usually noodles someplace. I finally had pho for the first time to other night. I accidentally put jalapeno's all over the place, thinking they were green peppers. Next time... check the pepper, Kip. Thanks for the advice, kip.

k, time for me to go. I said I'd leave work at a reasonable time. I guess bad and good habits are hard to break.