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Strip for 8/15/2001  
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Extra! Extra! Sil gets published!!!

Check out Issue 3 of the Dungeons and Dragons Comic book series, available NOW in retail stores nationwide, and you will not only find the artwork of my fabulously talented older brother gracing the interior (go big bro!!), but you'll also see my name in the credits! whoo hoo nepotism. That' s right, I have entered the professional comic book industry as an unsung letterer and word balloonist. Not that I intend to make this my lifelong career, and not that I had anything at all to do with writing the script (I don't even know what's going to happen next), but it does mark the first appearance of "graphics" of mine of any kind in an internationally distributed piece of literature! And don't go telling me that comics don't count as valid literature. Unless you're not feeling particularly attached to any number of your vital organs.^_~;;

So.it's been a while, huh? Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes my way. I'm feeling the love. The big 21st was a blast. And I owe my introduction to the finer establishments of Washington DC to all the wild and wacky denizens of this rocking town who came out to help conduct my birthday tour o' excess. You know who you are.

Finally, a disclaimer on the sketchy artwork: time is scarce and I have yet to return to the Windy City to access my art supplies, so putting out regular inked strips presents something of a challenge. And as much as I lovekip's stick figures (I love 'em!), I realize that Scrubs is woefully deprived of new art. And it's unfair to divest kip's charming wit of fresh visual representation! Really, it is. Fortunately, pencils are infinitely faster to produce than inks. Thus, in the end, I figured that something's better than nothing. That means that for the next few weeks, you're going to witness the spectacle of Scrubs Unplugged. Down to earth, no preservatives added, 100%, all original Scrubs in its penciled form. This is what the strip looks like before I clean it up. So don't think of it as getting some kind of watered down or half-assed version of Scrubs.this is the precious ore that lies at the heart of everything---pre-eraser! More lines, more shadow, more scribble. Think of it as getting more for your network speed. =)

Hopefully this will suffice until I can start up a regular schedule again. Until then, forward all comments, complaints, and death threats here!


Kip here. Sorry I didn't put something up on Sunday as promised, but this weekend was a long one. I won't bore you with the torturous details... Instead, I offer this rave.

Alyson Hannigan is so cute, it hurts.

I saw American Pie 2 this weekend (who didn't?) and while most of the movie was pretty shallow and bland, I fell even farther into my state of celebrity crush watching her. She just comes across as so goofy and sweet. Tough, yet vulnerable. Geeky and appreciative of geekiness. And it doesn't hurt that she's quite a babe.

Now, I know, she's an actress. It's her job to make the audience believe such things. And some of the interviews I've read show that she is not much like her characters. She called herself a "little actress slut" in one of them. That was depressing to read. It means that there is no girl like Michelle in the movie. That she's too good to be true.

The strips is talking about the same sort of feelings with the beautiful people you see passing around you. Do you really want to approach them? What if they just don't live up to how cool they appear from across the room? The dream is infinitely preferable to an awkward first date where both parties are obviously not on the same page. But dreams can't hug you.

So, anyway, it made me think about how I come across here in the strip. Strip Kip isn't perfect, but his problems are cute problems. Goofy ones. Nothing that couldn't be waved off with a "boys will be boys" shrug. He doesn't do bad stuff, bad stuff happens to him. And if he doesn't do the right thing, he does the funny thing.

During the past week, in real life, I've done some stuff and made some decisions that I'm not proud of. I'm going to have to live with my disappointment in myself. I tried to make stuff better today, but you can't just apologize everything away.

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