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Strip for 8/29/2001  
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For those of you who missed it last time, I set up a new IM name for chatting, question answering, and general wackiness. It's worked out pretty well, so if you see "ScrubsKip" online, pop me a "Hello" and I'll give you a "Howdy."

So, yes, as a coworker noted, this strip should've come when the messenger bag did. Eh, whatever, this will help to keep Strip Kip and real life Kip in slightly separate planes...

And yes, currently my trusty backpack of 8 years is currently sprawled on my apartment floor, with much of the junk that once formed its infrastructure now redistributed in my new messenger bag. As for the allegations that the bag might in fact be too large for a small boy such as myself, 2 of my cousins who have proven to possess excellent taste assured me that the bag was just the right size. So now that that bit of self consciousness is over....

The thing about bags is that they can show so much. I'm not even going to touch the thorny minefield of women's purses, minibackpacks and the like. I'm talking only about the branwy image of those tall camping backpacks, the hippie rucksacks, the preppy Jansports (like I used to carry). And the messenger bag. This guy wrote a funny essay that I won't bother to quote (you should read it). Actually, I will quote my favorite line: "I have a confession: I do not believe that I am messenger nor do I think I have a message. "

I used to decry the use of such bags, calling them trendy in the most derogatory fashion. And now look at how I've fallen under their spell. See, the best part of my old bag were the side pockets. I would keep quickdraw items there. Well, this new bag has so many pockets. Everything has a compartment. My earphones stay clean, tucked away from the dirt of... oh, right, no dirt yet. it's so clean... We'll see how long that lasts.