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Strip for 9/8/2001  
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This strip is... different, isn't it? It just feels... better, right? That's right, that means that Sil is back in the writer's seat where she is kicking butt and taking names. So let her know what a great job she's doing!

I'm glad, because it's been hard to write really Sil like dialogue when I haven't seen her in ages. But the point of this strip is that Strip Sil isn't the same person as Real Sil. In the end, Strip Sil is just an interpretation of the Real Sil I see, who is also different than real Real Sil.

I guess it works both ways, since Sil told me that she thinks its odd that she's drawing me, even though she hasn't seen me in so long. I'm still trying to write her lines and actions.

So, it's a series, yo.

I got into Milwaukee last night. Survived the flight. Got home and jumped online so that I could talk to my Apple peeps. I guess having IM means never being that far away. Although we can't go play minigolf or get a burger or any of a raft of fun things we used to, at least we can still sit online chatting like we did at work. :-)

Tomorrow, incredibly early in the morning, I move down back to school. To my first apartment.

<ominous drum beats>

I'll let you know how it all works out. I'm excited, so excited to have a place of my own, finally. I'll probably write later in the year talking about how much I miss the dorms.

But not right now. :-)


PS: This strip marks strip number 70. What a nice round number!