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Strip for 9/19/2001  
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I really do listen to depressing music. I love the Smiths, the Cure, Depeche Mode. I like Barenaked Ladies, and the Beautiful South, and the Magnetic Fields. Etc. You guys know this, you listened to little snippets of my music collection over the past few months.

The reason I enjoy happy music with depressing lyrics is that when you're in a good mood, you can just let the tune flow in, and when you're depressed, you can listen to the message. And, I'll admit, it gives me the fanboy thrill to see people who haven't quite caught on yet to think that I'm listening to pop when I'm really listening to... intelligent pop.

So, the apartment is finally shaping up. I did the pilgrimage to IKEA and decked out the place with 2 end tables, a little glass table, a higher table for eating, or mail sorting, and then the splurge: the Poang chair. See, there's this really comfy chair at my home that I just couldn't take down (way too heavy). But it cups the spine so nicely. This Poang does the same thing, and it's light. So light. Actually, I may have to impose a weight limit on the chair to avoid Poang death. I'll put a tiny little scale next to it.

I got Max Payne. I missed my Athlon ("Traitor") over the summer because I couldn't play this game. Well, I got it now and wow. Hm, let me say that again. Wow. If you've ever wanted to BE a John Woo hero, this is the game. The best part (the part that'll make senators scream) is the sniper rifle, which does the thing from Silent Scope 3 where when you're going to make the shot, it follows the bullet to its target.

I'm going to save my stance on videogame violence for another blurblet, but let me just say that the reason nobody under 17 should play Max Payne isn't due to the violence, it's due to the incredibly gritty atmosphere. I felt dirty playing this game, sorta. And yet, the action is so incredibly satisfying.

K, I'm out.