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Strip for 9/26/2001  
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I think this strip speaks for itself. The false assumption I made about the real Sparky was that she had a boyfriend so these strips were my anguished response to that. As it turns out, she really didn't have a boyfriend, just a painful breakup at the beginning of the summer.

The line art took a long time (I know, it never seems to you guys like it does... but really, I think Sil can sketch out an amazing strip in the time it took me to launch Fireworks, much less lay some lines down) tonight. The worst part was filling in the first panel, which in my sketchbook was just earmarked as "witty banter." Turning "witty banter" into the exchange you see above took way too long and proves that I'm losing words out of my head, day by day.

So here are the latest trends I'm gleaming out of Scrubs links and fanmails... 1. our audience is getting younger (high schoolers) which isn't really a bad thing, just not what I expected. 2. We're considered to be profane! One lady emailed me to say "Saw your strip. Looks like it could be ok. Very disappointed in your language! I know you go to Union University which is a Christian University. (note: I don't go to Union University) It is a very bad example you give by falling into the world's ways and demeaning yourself to act like it. I'm sure your (sic) better than that. God wants to us you to further the gospel. Why don't you try to listen to him?"

After scratching my head a lot, I went through the archive looking for naughty words and adult situations. I found the s-word in one strip, the cast page, and the links page. No mentions of the f-word. One time I said I was "damn pissed" and another character says "damn it." I said, "frickin" at one point. "Crap" is also used. Sex is mentioned. Another site that started linking rated us PG. I don't want to belittle these people, since they are readers, and I love you readers, all of you, but I really do think that Scrubs is family entertainment (and I think that email was totally out of line).

Enough of that. So, gosh, school started. I have the best schedule I've ever had. 2 classes a day. Starts at 10:30 or 11 each day and then my second class is at 1. Then I'm done. How sweet is that? So sweet.

I already have homework in my Asian American lit class (which, as predicted, is where all the cute Asian girls at my school have been hiding). It's a 2 page essay on my name. But hey, with the shiny iBook, I can get this done anywhere. I'm actually looking forward to this paper, just to try out everything (like my networked printer setup in the apartment).

Speaking of the apartment, I have a coffeetable now where my feet are currently residing. Still need a couch, and then I think this place'll be perfect. I got surround sound (Sony receiver and Yamaha speakers) set up the other day with the help of a slightly audiophilic friend. So now we watch lots of movies. Lots of em. I come home and my roommate's halfway through one of my many DVD's so I just have to sit and watch in the Poang.

I beat Max Payne shortly after uploading the last strip. The last few bits were pure digital nirvana, I'm not even kidding. I was a John Woo hero. I can't wait to see what this engine goes on to do when it grows up and has progeny, etc.

Tomorrow (well, today, technically) I will have broadband. Which means I'll be online a lot more as ScrubsKip. So drop me a line, k?