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Strip for 1/1/2001  
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Alright, this marks history... this is the first Scrubs strip not written by either Sil or I. Instead, this comes to us courtesy of GilderGamer. Wave "Hi" to Gilder, everyone. I met Gilder, as I do most of the fans here through my IM. So now you can talk to both Gilder and I. Yay! This is the first strip in a series written by him, so, stay tuned...

About the strip itself, well I don't want to critique another guy's work. I'll just comment that this sort of thing happens to Sil a lot. Everyone I know likes her. Maybe not to the point of confessing love, but I don't know anyone who dislikes her. Unlike me. I was trying to figure out my enemy list the other day, both who is on mine and whose lists I'm on. My list filled up drepressingly quickly. When did I become such a judgemental person?

I went on a cleaning kick today. Did my laundry, mopped the floors (sorta) and put stuff away, in general. And my mother was worried I wasn't going to handle apartment life well. Dinner was steak, which was the inaugural meal cooked in my George Foreman grill (on sale at Target!). The steak itself came out a little dry, but I definitely cooked it too long. Next time (I got 2 for the price of one at Jewel) I'll err on the side of too rare.

I never thought I'd care about stuff like the above paragraph.

I watched the Buffy season premiere tonight with my brother and sister in law. It was the first full episode I've seen. I liked it (although I had to keep asking my brother stupid questions about the series). And, the Alyson Hannigan crush is stronger than ever.

Finally, I saw The Others with a friend last Friday. Freaky movie. By the end, I was totally edged on the seat, knuckles white and teeth clenched.

See it!