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Strip for 1/1/2001  
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This strip made me laugh aloud when I read it. Thanks again to Gilder for aiming his pen and words at what Scrubs is really about: the destruction of the sensitive man by women.

Kidding! I'm kidding!

A little.

But, there is more to Scrubs, as I'm realizing as I write more and more strips down, in preparation for that day when I have to take the responsibility for putting words into my characters' mouths again.

Did Quad Girl really scar me? Perhaps it shows more in this comic strip since her rejection was the most contemporary to the writing of Scrubs. Perhaps I wanted things to work with her more than with anyone else. What I can say is that people do leave scars in your heart, or whichever part of your brain masquerades as the romantic squiggle within us all.

That scar heals up and stops throbbing, but you're reminded of it when you see a book you'd talked about, or hear a song that was playing during a date. In more sensitive times, it comes up when you see a happy couple, or even when your thoughts settle into a crevice that was first formed while you were with the leaver of the scar.

And the tearing sensation you feel when you meet someone new, or ruminate on the rekindling of something with someone old... that sensation, perhaps, is the scar healing up again. All those past experiences, bad and good, rush back. And your heart feels the seams. And it holds.

Well, what's happened since last time? I forgot to tell you that I'd gotten Time Crisis 2, which is an amazing game. The roommate and I have beaten it countless times, but there's always more to do. The extra games are truly excellent, and provide me with what I want: short on time stages with random enemies (but not too random) and harsh grading of accuracy.

The game comes with an awesome light gun, the GunCon2. One of the reviews I read mentioned that it's a good thing it's orange so no one will mistake it for a real gun and I can't help but wonder... what would happen if criminals started painting real guns DayGlo colors? I remember when I was a kid and my brother pulled the red plug out of one of my cap guns. I still have it in my room. It's a scary looking Beretta 92F. I think water guns got considerably less cool when they had to be made all tubular. It's a good thing their soaking power increased or else it would have been such a waste.

It was a nice night tonight which is good because the boiler in my building is offline and so for a while, it was warmer outside my apartment than in.

I bought an UPS today, because the power goes out unexpectedly under the strain of all our appliances and I don't want my grade in graphics to suffer to an outage. I was saddened to find out that UPS systems are so harsh. I tried to hook up 2 computers to it: "BEEEEEEEEP" it said. I checked the manual and "BEEEEEEEEEP" translates to, "Don't try it, bub."

So the moment of truth... would I keep my trusty Mac protected with the UPS? Or would it be Traitor? Sigh, since Traitor runs Visual Studio, the choice was made for me. But once I'm out of this graphics class, the Beige One will be the safe one.

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