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Strip for 10/27/2001  
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This strip is up really early because I'm headed home for the weekend. It's the seafood buffet, but more importantly, it's a sibling night since my parents are leaving for Florida.

About the strip itself: I don't know about you but I usually can't function after really late nights. Sometimes, I can hack it on 4 hours of sleep, but sometimes 6 is not enough. I used to be really in tune with how much sleep I needed for a certain level of functionality but now that I can get 9 hours a night, I'm much happier. This doesn't mean that I don't fall asleep in class anymore, it just means that when I do, it's not because I really want to sleep, it because I just don't want to be conscious. Attention span of a gnat's kneecap, that's me.

Meanwhile, Sil is in Spain and she probably is getting even less sleep over there than she usually gets here.

After confessing how bad I am at Devil May Cry last time, I put nose to the grindstone and got to level 17. It's getting really cool now, although the boss fights are getting to be really convoluted. I haven't had to resort to a walkthrough yet, since the game helps you out with a database, but frustration can still run high. And yet... the pulse pounds, and the adrenaline moves, so I really can't complain that I'm not getting my money's worth.

I sucked it up at Thursday's improv show. That's what you get when you spend 3 hours directing a group of people at improv. When it comes time for you to practice what you preach, you're so burned out from using those improv synapses that every tool falls out of your head.

I love directing though. More on that at a later juncture.

K, I'm outta here. I94 calls my name.