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Strip for 11/7/2001  
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I must admit, the punchline is a total steal from the Simpsons where Homer says, "If he's so smart, why is he dead?" In this case, it'd be, "If Cyrano was such a great romantic, why did he live a life full of unrequited love?"

Ah, unrequited love... So, anyway, as you can tell, the girl that was to be called in the last strip... never called back. Hence all the depressing crap. I'm in much better shape right now, after Rick told me in short to "buck up, stop whining, and forget about her." So I'm not whining.

But I admit, I used AIM's idle time function quite heavily in trying to find the right time to call her (the clacking sound you hear is the sound of girls everywhere removing "ScrubsKip" from their Buddy Lists and blocking all communication with that entity). Was it wrong? Probably. Did it work? No, since idle can't seem to tell the difference between the girl actually being at her computer and her roommate nudging the mouse... I had another punchline for the above strip, but it made Strip Kip sound too much like a stalker (which I guess I've become) so I changed it to the literary reference.

The first time I saw Cyrano, it was the version with Gerard Depardieu. I remember him totally abusing a guy with words and even though the movie was subtitled, the sheer power of words came through to me. I wish I had such power. I wish my wits could again be sharpened at the whetstone of sarcasm. Unfortunately, I seem to be losing power day by day as senior year trudges on.

So, I promise, I'm not such a stalker anymore, especially since the last bit of business really took a chunk out of the romantic thought processes that make up such a large part of my consciousness.

Really I'm just trying to not think about it. Which means all the time I spent thinking about it last week was pretty wasteful. On that note, the song for today is the Magnetic Fields: Meaningless.

You mean it's all been meaningless?
Every whisper and caress?
Yes yes yes it was totally meaningless
like when two fireflies flouresce
Just like everything I guess
it was utterly meaningless
Even less
a little glimpse of nothingness
sucking meaning from the
rest of this mess
Yes yes yes it was thoroughly meaningless
and if some dim bulb should say
we were in love in some way
kick all his teeth in for me
and if you feel like keeping on kicking
feel free
Who dare say it wasn't meaningless?
Shout from the rooftops
and address the press
Ha ha ha it was totally meaningless
Meaning less than a game of chess
Just like your mother said
and mother knows best
I knew it all the time but now I confess
Yes yes yes how deliciously meaningless
Yes yes yes how effervescently meaningless
Yes yes yes how beautifully meaningless
Yes yes yes how profoundly meaningless
Yes yes yes how definatively meaningless
Yes yes yes how comprehensively meaningless
Yes yes yes how magnificently meaningless
Yes yes yes how incredibly meaningless
Yes yes yes how unprecedentedly meaningless
Yes yes yes how mind-blowingly meaningless
Yes yes yes how unbelievably meaningless
Yes yes yes how infinitely meaningless